Sunday, March 05, 2006

For What It's Worth

My Oscar Pics:

Leading Actor – Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Supporting Actor – George Clooney
Leading Actress – Reese Witherspoon or Felicity Huffman 50/50 on this one
Supporting Actress – Michelle Williams
Animated Feature – Howl’s Moving Castle
Art Direction – Good Night, and Good Luck
Cinematography – Brokeback Mountain
Costume Design – Mrs. Henderson Presents or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50/50 on this one too
Director – Ang Lee
Documentary – March of the Penguins
Documentary Short – The Mushroom Club
Film Editing – Munich
Foreign Language Film – Tsotsi
Makeup – The Chronicles of Narnia
Music – Brokeback Mountain
Music (Song) – “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”
Best Picture – Brokeback Mountain
Animated Short – The Moon and The Son: An Imagined Conversation
Live Action Short – Six Shooter
Sound Editing – King Kong
Sound Mixing – Walk The Line
Visual Effects – The Chronicles of Narnia
Writing Adapted – Brokeback Mountain
Writing Original – Good Night, and Good Luck

Also check out the Independent Spirit Awards Winners.


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