Saturday, October 30, 2004



Title: Yes
Dir: Sally Potter
Release Date: Unknown at this time.
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I am almost ashamed to admit that "Yes" was my first film of Sally Potter's however, after having seen it, I will see more.

The story follows She (Joan Allen) and her affair with a dark stranger He (Simon Abkrain). She is an accomplished scientist who struggles with her religion and cultural heritage as an Irish woman raised in the United States. Her marriage to her husband Anthony (Sam Neil) has reached a point where the two of them are barely even speaking when she meets He at a party. The film reaches an amazing climax with a heartbreaking conversation between He and She where the differences in their culture and lives (he is Lebanese) take center stage. This conversation is possibly one of the most beautiful and well acted scenes I have seen in an incredibly long time. The film is full of conflicts resulting from religion, politics and love.

What has really continued to stick with me is the writing. Sally made a very brave and wonderful choice to write the entire film in prose. I was able to meet her when the film screened at the Telluride Film Festival and when she was asked about this decision she simply replied “I wrote the film thinking wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone talked like this.” Because all of the dialogue is in prose, the writing ads a significant layer to the complexity of the film. If someone would have told me that the film I was about to see is written entirely in prose, I would have not have thought I would enjoy it. In fact, I probably would have been worried that the dialogue would be intimidating and confusing but nothing could be further from the truth.

Her use of words and image were simply breathtaking. The performance of the entire cast was amazing. This film is an absolute must see.


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