Monday, November 29, 2004

A Home At The End Of The World

The touching story of 3 outcasts learning to love, fit in(out), and live. Producer John Hart made brilliant decisions when choosing director Michael Mayer and keeping Author Michael Cunningham as screenwriter. The script is tight, being witty intense and upbeat all at the same time. Despite being a sad story you are not left feeling down at the end, but rather uplifted.
The casting is perfect for my picture of the characters. Robin Wright Penn shines in her clever, free spirited Claire. The character is complete and well thought out. She owns the role in her own saucy way. Newcomer Dallas Roberts is comletely at home as Jonathan. he seems to fit well with the uptight, yet fun-loving Jonathan. I would expect to see great things from him in the future.
The biggest surprise for me, however, was Colin Farrell. He was actually acting and he only lost his american accent for a brief second in the entire piece. He was more than convincing and crazy intense as Bobby, a lost soul floating who remains almost creepily positive despite a life of loss and heartache. This is likely the best I have ever seen from Farrell, and unfoutunately it may be the best i'll ever see from him. He just doesn't get enough roles like this that truly let him act.

Overall the film was well done. The DP was great. there are shots where you just want to hold the characters and make their pain go away. The pacing is nearly perfect and dialogue sewn up tight. I definately reccommend this film to anyone who has ever been outside of the norm and those who want to know what it feels like (as it does give the insight or maybe it's just that i've been on the ouside and the film really worked for me).

A Home At The End Of The World is not onlu a must see, but a must own.



At 9:43 AM, Blogger girlzoot said...

I know I need to return this book to you! I'm almost done, but now I'm actually looking forward to seeing the film. Reading the book I seriously doubted the casting of Colin Farrel. I just couldn't see him playing the part that I'm reading. Now that I've read this review, I will actually put the movie on my netflix queue and see it.


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